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" Estamos en familia " - María

" Ha sido mi vida de 8 años, la tengo en mi corazón, me ha ayudado mucho mucho" - Carmencita

" A mí La Casita me ha educado " - Mari Carmen

" Aquí conozco amigas " - Isabel

" Mi Casita es la alegría que yo tengo, me dá fuerza y juventud " - Elbia

" La Casita es algo grande, me recuerda a mi niñez, cuando estaba en la escuela, me siento como si fuera una niña, no veo la hora de venir a estudiar " - Isabel

" La Casita significa respeto y honestidad " - Lydia

" Me da paz y amor, me siento bien moral y espiritualmente " - Paulina


At La Casita, we strengthen the family unit by empowering women who are raising children. We believe that if a mother has strong core values and keeps herself busy with dignified work, her children will grow up to be respectable members of society.
This conviction is what fuels the programs at La Casita, where we foster a productive and positive environment for all women who visit us. Every day, we strive to increase their self-esteem and strengthen their core values, to provide training so they can find and maintain gainful employment and live an accomplished life.

Our main goal is to benefit two major groups:

  • Low income women. We provide basic personal and spiritual training to promote their social adaptation and insertion into the workplace.
  • Volunteers. We are a group of adult and young professionals, college and high school students, who undergo training to ensure competency and alignment with the spirit of La Casita.

The programs at La Casita are divided into three areas of service:

  1. Work
  2. Spiritual Formation
  3. Family Life